Find your home in Milan

ELLCI offer a booking service with different types of accommodation, all within a distance of max 15-20 minutes (by public transport) from the premises of the school, such as:

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Campus: single or shared room
  • Single or shared room in an apartment
  • Residence
  • Hotel

The booking service fee is € 50,00.

ELLCI booking service is reserved for students enrolled to ELLCI’s Italian courses.

Bed & Breakfast

In host family.

Price: 300 € (half board), 200 € (with breakfast) per week
900 € (half board), 640 € (with breakfast) per month


(8 minutes to our school by the subway, )

The rooms have a private bathroom and shared kitchen area: all the rooms are equipped with a change of linen and cleaning, free internet connection and all the kitchen appliances. In the campus, you will find also a laundry service.
For more information about the Camplus, please click here

Camplus Gorla:

€ 240 per week
€ 440 per 2 weeks
€ 610 per 3 weeks
€ 785 per 1 month

Camplus Lambrate/ Hotel single room
€ 330 per week
€ 1050-1090 per month


– Single room in a shared flat, with kitchen use: >€ 550* per month, including utilities (phone excepted).

– Shared room in a flat with kitchen use: >€ 350/380* per month, including utilities (phone excepted).


(15 minutes to our school by the subway)

In the Residence you can stay in a one-room-flat with private kitchen area and private bathroom: the price includes utilities (telephone excepted), change of linen and cleaning. The flats are equipped with air conditioning, wireless internet connection, telephone, TV and all the kitchen appliances.

Price: 950 € per month


At students’ request, our school can book the hotel you prefer.

Price: minimum 50 € a night

* These prices are subjects to variations according to the season and the vacancies.


  1. Our school is just an intermediary with the landlord
  2. Our school will charge a fee of € 50,00 for the research and reservation of the lodging. This amount will be added to the price of the lodging and is not refundable in case of renunciation or variation
  3. The reserved lodging price must be paid within the day of the arrival
  4. If the student decides to move to a different lodging, he/she must inform the landlord at least 4 weeks in advance and must pay anyway
  5. In case of damages done to the lodgings, the landlord is entitled to direct indemnification by the student
  6. Students must behave so that no disturbance is caused to neighbors and flat/roommates, in all the lodgings reserved by our school
  7. The reservation of the lodging is strictly personal and the presence of any guest must be agreed directly with the landlord



You can also check out other online platforms.
Uniplaces offers you several possibilities, they guarantee for their houses even if you do not go in person to check them. Click here to know more!