Educational program

Our school, with a solid experience of teaching Italian as second language, offers a variety of courses of Italian language and culture, focused on the students’ acquisition of the four linguistic abilities: comprehension, reading, writing and oral production. Besides these four basic linguistic abilities the students of our school acquire a fifth one: the ability to understand and use the Italian non-verbal language and communication codes through subjects closely linked to the Italian culture, lifestyle and nature.

Our educational program is carried out according to the following scheme, which gets adjusted, of course, according to each level:

Intensive study of grammar

  • Study of phonetics, in order to improve the pronunciation
  • Acquisition of generic and specific lexical terms, with special attention to idioms and phraseology
  • Thorough study of syntax
  • Development of the ability to dialog and communicate through situational dialogues, guided debates and free conversations
  • Development of oral and written comprehension through reading, films and songs
  • Notions of Italian culture and local customs


Our lessons take place exclusively in Italian and the students are encouraged to speak Italian with one another even during breaks.


Our teachers add to the basic textbook materials taken from a vast bibliography including texts published by different specialized Italian publishers, so that each grammar, lexicon and syntactic subject is proposed to the students with the best material currently available.

As far as a thorough development of the ability to comprehend and communicate and of the cultural aspects is concerned, we use text taken from columns in newspapers and magazines, novels and essays, Italian films (shown exclusively in the original language), songs; our teachers base on these materials not only the sessions of written and oral comprehension but also the guided debates and free conversations.


All the teachers who work in our school are of Italian mother tongue, graduated in language disciplines, in possession of certification for teaching Italian as a foreign language and specific experience, acquired through the years.
To the above listed competences, those teachers who take out our students on two free excursions organized every month add the qualification of tourist guide.

Each morning and afternoon course is taught by two teachers, who alternate (constantly coordinating between themselves for the best development of the educational program), so that they offer the students a variety of styles, lexicons and subjects. Our evening courses, on the other end, are taught by just one teacher per class.

For our specialized courses we select teachers who possess, on top of the above listed qualifications, also specific competences relative to the nature of each specialized course.