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Corporate Courses ELLCI Milano

Corporate Italian Language Courses

ELLCI proposes Italian Language Courses for Companies which are designed for professionals and companies. The structure and the educational instruments used in these courses allow the students to speak Italian immediately in different contexts, even using specific lexicons and jargons.

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Corporate Courses ELLCI

These courses are available throughout the year and the lessons are held either at our headquarters in Milan or at the place chosen by the client.

A peculiar feature of these courses is the use of materials. Besides the textbooks supplied by the school, also the material, that available by the students themselves and originate from their working environment, so that the educational process is not limited to abstract notions but is rooted in the specific working life of the students.

Moreover, our specialized and qualified teachers offer, together with linguistic notions, a wide overview on the Italian business culture, on the local working methods and on the non-verbal communication.

Upon request, we also provide tutoring activities and assistance for the drafting of documents, such as reports.

At the end of the course, students will take a test, in order to assess the linguistic competence that they have reached, according to the European educational parameters. Each student will receive a diploma stating the duration of the course and the reached level.

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