Terms and condition | ELLCI



1. Enrollment

1.1. In order to enroll it is necessary to fill out and send the online enrollment form.


1.2. The annual enrolment fee is € 80,00 (€ 40 for short courses up to 2 weeks) and it includes: entrance test, a textbook and all the teaching material, guided visits with teachers,
final exam, final certificate in accordance to the CEFR.


1.3 Students under 18 need their parents’ written authorization to enroll.

2. Payment

2.1. Payment can be made (net of bank charges and commissions) by PayPal, by credit card or by bank transfer on the school bank account. The school will confirm the enrollment upon receipt of payment.


2.2. It is possible to pay in advance only 30% of the course fee, registration fee and any additional services if the booking is made at least 15 days before the start fo the course.
This option is not available if the student needs to obtain a study visa or the booking is made less than 15 days before the start of the course. In this case the full payment must be done upon the enrolment.

3. Lessons

3.1. Group lessons take place from Monday to Friday; Individual lessons can take place from Monday to Saturdays. Lessons are not held and not refunded on national and local public holidays. All lessons are held in Italian; individual lesson of 55 minutes, group lesson of 45 minutes.


3.2. Lessons are held according to the communicative approach, through dynamic activities such as games, songs and other interactive material.


3.3 Periodically, the School performs tests to assess the level of knowledge of the Italian language and the progress of the lessons. Based on the results of the exams, the School reserves the right to move the student to the most appropriate level class. A compulsory attendance of at least 70% of the total class hours is required to get the final certificate. In case of discontinued frequency, the School reserves the right to move the student to the most appropriate level class.

3.4. If the student is absent from group lessons for personal reasons (travel, sickness, work, etc.) it is not possible to organize make-up lessons, nor obtain refunds. For individual courses it is possible to recover the lesson if the cancellation is communicated at least 24 hours in advance.

4. Lodging

4.1. On the rare occasions the school is unable to provide the accommodation requested, it will offer alternatives. Arrival and departure time and days must be confirmed by email. The schools only act as intermediary between students and landlords and cannot be responsible for the relations between them.


4.2. Our school will charge a fee of € 50,00 for the research and reservation of the lodging. This amount will be added to the price of the lodging and is not refundable in case of renunciation or variation.

4.3. The payment methods may vary depending on the accommodation chosen and do not depend on ELLCI Milan. The secretariat will provide the relevant information after the receipt of the registration and the payment.


4.4. If the student decides to change or cancel his/her reservation, he/she must inform the landlord at least 4 weeks in advance. Arrangements for reimbursement depend on the landlord and the school is not responsible for it.


4.5. In case of damages to the lodgings, the landlord is entitled to direct indemnification by the student.
Students must behave so that no disturbance is caused to neighbours and flat/roommates, in all the lodgings reserved by our school.
The reservation of the lodging is strictly personal and the presence of any guest must be agreed directly with the landlord

5. Cancellations

5.1. Cancellations requests must be sent to the school by e-mail, fax or registered mail.


5.2. If the cancellation is notified more than two weeks in advance before the beginning of the course, our school will retain the € 80,00 enrollment fee and 15% of the price for the course. Within this date it’s possible to transfer the course to another person.


5.3 If the cancellation is notified less than two weeks in advance on the beginning of the course, our school will retain the € 80 enrollment fee and 30% of the price for the course.


5.4 If the cancellation is notified after the beginning of the course, our school will retain the entire price for the course and the enrollment fee but it’s possible to get a voucher to be used within 12 months.


5.5 The school does not accept cancellation of scholarships


5.6 When a visa is required, special booking and cancellation conditions are applied, see section 9. below.


5.7 After the beginning of the course, no refunds are granted, either for irregular attendance or for quitting the course. In case the course is quit for force major causes, it’s possible to get a voucher to be used within 12 months.

5.8. It is not possible to convert a group course into an individual course.

6. Insurance

Students are insured only within the school’s premises. We recommend students to take out an insurance before they leave their home country.


7. Personal data

Students authorize ELLCI to store their own personal data in databanks and to send them, from time to time, information, advertisements and promotions about the school and its courses. Each student, at any time, under the provisions of the Italian law (paragraph 13 of law 675/96) can request the cancellation of all of his/her own data.


8. Photograph and video

The School reserves the right to use photographs taken during courses or free time activities to illustrate its promotional material. If a student wishes that his or her photo should not appear in this material, they should write to the School before the begin of the his/her course. These photos have no commercial or contractual value.

9. Visa

9.1. Students who require a study visa can receive a certificate of enrollment in our courses, to be shown to the competent authorities. When a visa is required, special booking and cancellation conditions apply. Non-European citizens who choose a course lasting more than 90 days need a study visa. In this case, after receiving the registration and the

full payment of the course, we will send the original documents for the visa application to the consulate of Italy at home by express courier. Sending has a cost of € 60.00.

9.2. Students are responsible for all visa related paperwork and expenses. The school is not responsible for applying for a visa, but can facilitate communication with Italian institutions in case of need.

9.3. After the enrollment certificate has been issued, via email or by express courier, the course cannot be canceled but a voucher can be used within 12 months.

9.4. In case of denial of the visa, in order to be entitled to reimbursement, the student must send ELLCI a copy of the denial letter issued by the Italian Embassy / Consulate and the original documentation received by the school. The student will receive a reimbursement of the fee paid except for the registration administrative costs of € 80.00, the costs for sending documents and the administrative costs of handling the file of € 50.00.

9.5. In the case of a study visa already issued, to be entitled to cancellation, the student must request the cancellation of the visa to the Italian consular authorities and send the school a copy of the corresponding official communication, which will also be sent to the Milan police headquarters in accordance with Italian regulations.

10. Changes in the program of courses and tariffs.

The school reserves the right to change the program and rates of its courses.


11. Acceptance

By filling the registration form or any other form of registration, the participant accepts the “General Conditions of Participation”.