Italian language course: standard with 20 hours weekly | ELLCI

Italian standard language course with 20 hours weekly

Italian standard language course with 20 lessons weekly

20 lessons per week to quickly learn Italian language.


Discover our Italian standard language course

Class: small group, 5-12 students
Days: Monday to Friday
Timetable: 10.00 – 13.15 or 14:30 – 17:45
Levels: from beginner to advanced
Duration: starting from 1 week
Attività: guided visits in Milan
Study visa: the school provide the necessary documents

Starting dates for beginners: click on the calendar below.

Starting dates for other levels: every Monday.

1.Standard 20

Why is the Standard -20 ELLCI course the most requested?


Because the 20 lesson per week program allows you to achieve results faster. At the same time you will be able to deepen the Italian culture through activities and guided tours together with classmates and ELLCI teachers.


Why is the Standard -20 ELLCI course an intensive?


Because the lessons take place from Monday to Friday, three actual hours of study in the classroom. It means that you will have more time available for study in the classroom and intense and dynamic lessons.


How many weeks of Intensive is it better to book?


ELLCI recommends attending the Standard -20 course at least 4 weeks to improve a level. To achieve language proficiency, choose a course from 6 months upwards.


Enrolment Fee
€40 – short courses (up to 2 weeks)
€80 – annual registration fee



December: 5



January: 9              July: 3

February: 6            August: 7

March: 6                 September: 4

April: 3                    October: 2

May: 8                     November: 6

June: 5                    December: 4