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Italian standard language course over 2 years

Italian language course standard 2 years

This course allows students to easily reach a C2 level of knowledge of the Italian language. At the end of this course, students will be able to speak fluently and independently in most linguistic situations, from the simple day-to-day situations, to more complex and specialized conversations.

Discover our Italian language course over 2 years

Class: small group, 5-12 students
Lessons: Monday to Friday, choose the morning or the afternoon schedule
Timetable: 10.00 – 13.15  | 14:30  –17:45
Levels: from beginner to advanced
Duration: 9 months (36 weeks) consecutive for the first year and 9 months (36 weeks) consecutive for the second year
Activities: guided visits in Milan

Starting dates for beginners: click on the calendar below.

Starting dates for other levels: every Monday.

Study visa: the school provide the necessary documents.
After the first year, students arriving with a Study Visa for the 2 year course at ELLCI will be entitled to renew their “Permesso di Soggiorno” (Residence Permit) without having to go back to their own country.

two years

Enrolment Fee

€80 – annual registration fee



December: 13



January: 10, 24           July: 4, 18

February: 7, 21            August: 8, 22

March: 7, 21                 September: 5, 19

April: 4, 19*                  October: 3, 17

May: 2, 23                    November: 7, 21

June: 6, 20                  December: 12


* Classes start on Tuesday due to a bank holiday Monday.