ATM Travel Card
It can be obtained at the ATM Points wich you can find in some underground stations like “Loreto” and “Duomo”.
To get the card, you need a photo and a form (wich you can find at the ATM Points). The card costs €10 to make while the pass is €35 per month.
You can re-charge the pass around the end of each month at any ATM Point, a newspaper stand or at the automatic ticket machine, presented in all underground stations.

Codice Fiscale (Fiscal Code, Tax Number)

Although according to the law it is not necessary, the “Codice Fiscale” is needed in certain circumstances, for example, when you want to buy a cell phone or a box of medicine (antibiotics etc.).

You can easily get it at “Agenzia Delle Entrate”, Ufficio di Milano 1, Via della Moscova 2, 20121, Milano, near the “Turati” underground station.


Italian National Health Insurance

To be protected by the National Health Service you must pay €149.77 per year in a post office, on the account: C/C n.379222 – importo in lettere “centoquarantanove/77″ – intestato a “Amministrazione P.T. Regione Lombardia” – causale “Iscrizione volontaria al S.s.n. 2011”.

You must have the original residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno) and the codice fiscale.

When you are a member of the National Health Service, you can have a house doctor. Visits are free of charge and with the doctor’s prescription and for the each box of medicine you pay the reduced price, established by the National Health Service.