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Best  places to study in Milan

best places to study in milan

Best  places to study in Milan


Student life is a magical time, but in the jungle of rented rooms, finding new places to study in Milan outside your room is a matter of mental health.

In recent years, fortunately, it is easier to find bars and spaces where you can stop for hours with access to the wifi network and a power station for your computer.

You will not struggle to find great places to study in Milan with the possibility of finding the right concentration to throw yourself on the books and at the same time enjoy a good coffee, alone or with your classmates.

In fact, spending long hours in a café, discussing and setting up new projects, is part of the tradition of 19th-century European literary cafes.

Even in the 1980s, Milanese cafes enjoyed a particular atmosphere, so much that Howard Schultz – president emeritus of Starbucks – fell in love with Milanese coffees during his trip to Italy in 1983.

“I was seduced by the aroma and the life you breathed in it, by the sense of community that was lived in these bars”


Today the “café culture”, which indicates a relaxed and prolonged way to enjoy the “bar”, is once again the protagonist, starting from big cities like Milan.

In this period, bars and restaurants have had to adapt to the new anti-covid rules, so it is always good to check the access and booking methods before going to the venue.


10 Best places & cafes to study in Milan


Combo- international


In this bar which is also a restaurant, hostel, radio and gallery, the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. The spacious common areas are ideal both for having breakfast and for studying and working.

Studying here will also be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of traditional Milanese “ringhiera” houses (where the apartments are accessed from external balconies) as paradigm of collective and community living. 

Here it is possible to study both outsides, in the charming courtyard, and inside. Once you have finished studying, you can take a stroll along the Navigli.


Crazy Cat Café – For Cat Lovers

crazy cat cafè

A paradise for cat lovers, but a guarantee of tranquillity also for those looking for a relaxed and quiet space. In fact, the rules of the venue include respect for the hosts, the 9 cats present, so you are asked to avoid sudden and loud noises.

In addition to the cuddles of the cats, the sweets of the pastry will be of comfort for long study sessions.


Upcycle – For  Bike Fanatics


In this neighbourhood bar, you can eat and drink at all hours, without rushing. For lunch breaks and snacks, it offers Northern European cuisine and homemade cakes.

It is located in the centre of Città Studi, the best student neighbourhood for those attending the Politecnico di Milano or the University of Milan and is located in the northeastern outskirts of Milan.

Finally, here cyclists will feel at home, in fact, it often hosts events related to the world of cycling.


Cascina Cuccagna for nature addicts

cascina cuccagna

For those who find the right inspiration surrounded by nature, the right place is Cascina Cuccagna. A real restored Milanese farmhouse in the city centre, easily accessible by public transport and by bike.

You can study both inside and outside in the courtyard where there is also a garden and an orchard. It’s popular with families on Sundays, so it’s best to avoid it on weekends.


Santeria Paladini


The multifunctional vocation of this space could be a source of distraction. 

In the external courtyard that houses a bistro, you will also find a bookshop, a room for exhibitions, concerts and literary presentations. The spaces upstairs are used as coworking, meeting rooms and private offices.

In the “most famous courtyard of the east side”, however, the hours pass quietly, you can study for a long time without being disturbed, but also make new friends.




Pavé is a reference in the tradition of literary cafes. The points of inspiration are many. In addition to offering a very high gastronomic offer,

almost all tables are shared. At peak times (corresponding to main meals and weekends) the place, given its fame, is always crowded, but during the morning and afternoon, you will find many students and freelance workers who choose it for the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and for irresistible snacks.


Feltrinelli Foundation Reading Room

fondazione feltrinelli

Not a real café but not even a conventional library. We propose the reading room of the Feltrinelli Foundation for the atmosphere, the convenience of the location and because it is a real reading room, ideal for those seeking silence above all. It also offers a good excuse to visit the exhibitions set up in the spaces of the Feltrinelli Foundation.


Milan base


Base is located in the Tortona area and is just a few steps from the Mudec.


Despite the many events organized, there is always room to study.

The environment is welcoming, there is always a music background but at low volume and even if once it can appear crowded, in reality, you can easily find your spot to study and concentrate.


Starbucks Reserve Roastery 

reserve roastery

In Cordusio, close to Duomo, a Roastery that looks like a museum: the building that housed the post office and before that the Stock Exchange in Piazza Cordusio. 

The exposed pipes and the internal architecture are very fascinating. It is located in a part of the city that is becoming one of the centres of the Milanese lifestyle, a few steps from the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the Teatro alla Scala.

The excellent coffee, roasted in the local area, will be the ideal help to motivate even the laziest.




A must destination of the nearby University of Milan’s students. There is a cosy room that fully reflects the atmosphere of a Milanese literary café. It also includes a real library and a beautiful internal garden.

When you close your laptops and books, you can relax with live music, book presentations, exhibitions or simply for an aperitif.