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Best podcast to learn Italian

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Best podcast to learn Italian

Taking a course is the first thing that comes to mind when we want to learn a language. And we don’t want to say it’s wrong, on the contrary. The guidance of a teacher can in fact help us to overcome obstacles better and give us a structure, to correct recurring errors – those that otherwise crystallize and never take them away.

As we have repeated over and over again, in many different sauces, Italian is not just grammar, but is a 360 ° immersion in the context. Listening, reading and speaking are no less than many good grammar exercises.

The approach to teaching that we appeal to most often, in recent years, is the communicative one, so more than your language skills (you will also know the subjunctive rules by heart, but it’s not as important as you think), we are interested how you communicate, including non-verbal language. Yes, we also look at how you move your eyebrow. All this rigmarole to tell you not to forget your Italian after class!

You can keep swimming in it in a thousand ways, and the “podcast method” is certainly one of the best.

While taking a walk, working on the computer, cooking… it’s passive listening that activates your mind.

Today we want to recommend you 5 podcasts, making a distinction between those created ad hoc and other generic ones.

5 podcasts to learn Italian

Podcast for Italian learners

First of all, we have selected two free podcasts built specifically for those who are learning Italian.

Podcast italiano: a space designed for people of all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. We recommend it because it has a simple and clear structure, even graphically. The contents are of excellent quality and there is one very useful thing that Davide, the founder, does: transcribe conversations! This will give you the opportunity to practice even after preparing the lasagna, to re-read what you have heard.

Italiano automatico: Alberto, the founder, says “I help to improve those who already understand a little Italian “. So if you chew your tongue a little and are not a complete beginner, his podcast will help you unravel important knots – thething you have never understood before.

Podcast in Italian (for Italians!)

Let’s face it, by virtue of what we support, wouldn’t it be right to listen to something created for everyone, without making distinctions? An authentic listening – and not artificially recreated – gives us the possibility of getting lost in the flow of the speech, no matter if we miss a few words. The secret – we will never tire of repeating it – is to understand the whole, each at its own level.

Rai radio – Radio3 – original productions, ideal for reflecting on many themes (it is in fact considered a thematic channel), … from A to Z.

Senza rossetto – in the wake of the historical period in which we are living, we could not recommend this podcast that tells about women “through the pen and voice of contemporary writers”. In addition to listening, you will be able to collect a wealth of ideas and reflections on feminism.

Tlon – is above all a philosophical project conceived by Andrea Colamedici and Maura Gancitano. This couple, who brought philosophy into everyday life with passion and intelligence, has recently resumed (fresh news) to also take care of the podcast. Listen to it and “Buona meraviglia”!