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Aperitivo in Milan: Best Places to go if you are a student

aperitivo in milan

Aperitivo in Milan: Best Places to go if you are a student

The aperitivo in Milan is part of the Milanese dolce vita, it is a lifestyle, so let’s see the best place for aperitivo in Milan. 

Milan is the queen of happy hour that marks the end of duty, whether it is study or work, and the beginning of free time.

There are different types of aperitivo. What has made Milan more famous is the buffet aperitivo, a formula whereby, by purchasing a drink, you have access to a buffet worthy of a wedding, in which savoury dishes, first courses and various appetizers abound.

This proposal also coined the neologism of the apericena, a word, obtained by the syllabic reduction of two or more terms (Bruno Migliorini) in this case aperitivo and cena/dinner.

The term apericena is not generally appreciated and can create mixed reactions, but it effectively describes that pre-dinner moment in which a cocktail or a spritz is accompanied by free food.

A particularly welcome combination for students and young people who have less money for a restaurant dinner and who prefer to stay directly outside instead of going home and eating before going out again in the evening.

The covid, however, marked the end of this abundance (and of the queues at the buffet) by imposing anti-contagion rules. Although many locals already envisaged the formula of a mixed dish brought directly to the table, today this is the most used formula.


Let’s now see the five most popular places to have an aperitivo in Milan.


Best places to go in Milan for your aperitivo

Colibrì – via Laghetto, 9 


Colibrì is a literary café, ideal from breakfast to aperitivo for students attending the nearby University Statale, but also for anyone who loves its relaxed and sparkling atmosphere at the same time. The offer of drinks is very varied and particular, and the prices, especially for being in the centre of Milan, are really honest.

Cocktails are accompanied by appetizers or you can order something from the set menu such as toast or sandwiches.

The Colibrì’s extra ingredients are book presentations or exhibitions, and live concerts on Thursdays.


Ostello Bello – via Medici, 4 

Ostello bello

Ostello Bello is a hostel for travellers that organizes brunches, aperitifs and events open to the whole city. The founders of Ostello Bello wanted to create a welcoming place that was also an incubator of experiences, and a cultural centre in the broadest sense of the term.

During the aperitif, you can breathe an international air, and it is also possible to play soccer, the board games available and jump into an impromptu karaoke. An aperitif in Milan that will take you around the world.


Tramè – Piazza San Simpliciano

Tramé Milano

Here you can breathe a Venetian air, thanks to the Venetian tradition of accompanying the spritz or an ombra de vin (a small glass of wine) with sandwiches of all kinds. The Venetian aperitif is the perfect combo for an aperitif in Milan that allows you to satisfy the taste and hunger at reasonable prices. The ideal solution for students of all budgets.


Bar Picchio – via Melzo, 11 

Bar Picchio

Il Picchio is a landmark for the Porta Venezia area. An authentic bar, very popular both indoors and outdoors, where you can have an aperitivo al fresco It starts with an aperitif and ends late at night. It is recognized by the crowd of young people who occupy the sidewalk in front.


Birrificio Lambrate – via Golgi, 60 e via Adelchi, 5 

Birrificio Lambrate aperitivo in milan

For beer lovers, the Lambrate Brewery is a great classic, a pioneer of the Italian craft beer movement. The first brewery was created in Milan in 1996 in via Adelchi, over time has opened a second branch with a more modern style in via Golgi.

The beer that is served here, unpasteurized and unfiltered, is produced right in Milan. The aperitif here is always crowded, more Milanese than that.