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Best Italian translator apps for translating Italian in Milan

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Best Italian translator apps for translating Italian in Milan

If you are learning Italian or are on vacation in Italy, you know how useful it is to have a dictionary at hand or, even better, a simultaneous translator. There are countless apps that offer translation and learning services, but to avoid gaffes, it is good to use the most reliable ones.

ELLCI has selected the best Italian translator apps. Keep reading and follow our tips to know how to juggle between an app and another depending on your Italian proficiency level and occasion.

The best Italian translator apps




This app is very useful for finding your way around when you have just arrived in Italy and it’s all-new. This app is essential when you have no clue about Italian expressions and way of life, and if you haven’t started your Italian language course yet. The TripLingo app provides a survival phrasebook for the first exchanges with the locals, a voice translator, flashcards, quizzes, tips, and general information, but it is also a currency and unit of measure converter.

2. Reverso context


This Italian translator app becomes indispensable when you reach an intermediate level because it allows you to translate idiomatic expressions and short sentences. The ideal when you already have a good level of knowledge of the Italian language but you have some doubts about the correct formulation of the sentences. The app has a quiz section to practice and in the desktop version, you will also find the synonyms dictionary, verb conjugation, and spelling checker.

Provides translations into 13 languages including Arabic, German, English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, French, Hebrew, Dutch Polish Portuguese.

3. Google Translate


 Probably the most known and used Italian translator app, Google Translate is useful both as a dictionary and to translate longer and more complex sentences, so when you reach an intermediate/advanced level. Here are some tricks to make the most of its full potential:

  • download the desired language pack to have your dictionary always at hand, even when there is no wi-fi!
  • activate the conversation mode to have a simultaneous translation while talking with your friends and never be speechless.
  • use your smartphone camera to translate restaurant menus or short Italian texts.

Thought Italian translator apps are a precious resource in your learning Italian path, remember to use them consciously. Beware of false friends and approximate translations, even the most navigated Italian translator app isn’t immune. Here are some examples:

  • attention to the accord of pronouns: feminine or masculine, singular or plural;
  • past or present?  Italian translator app doesn’t always catch the right tense;
  • beware of false friends: words similar in form but not in meaning in different languages. Eg: la libreria is not the library, sensibile is not sensible. etc.

Have you ever used an incorrect translation? How did it end? 

But more importantly, do not hesitate to contact your trusted Italian teacher to help you out with the most difficult translations.