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Why Business Italian Language matters

Business Italian language

Why Business Italian Language matters

Business meetings, request a quote or hold a conversation on the phone can create difficulties, not to say anxiety, for those who do not master Italian well. If you know Italian business etiquette and the main key phrases, however, having a meeting in Italian can be a piece of cake.

In this article, we will explore various business Italian phrases and sayings that you can use in your work to make sure you don’t make mistakes. Before delving into sentences and examples, let’s see some useful tips on business etiquette together.

Italian business etiquette 

  • Punctuality: although it may happen that meetings start late and end late, punctuality is a quality that is always appreciated. Make sure you’re on time for meetings and allow enough time to get to your destination if you’re not familiar with the area.
  • Formal Italian: in Italy, it is very important to use Italian courtesy forms, so go over the difference between the formal “Lei” and the informal “tu”. even if there are working situations in which these rules are loosened, normally in the Italian working context the hierarchical relationships are well delineated.
  • (Don’t) judge the book by its cover: contrary to the proverb, appearances have great importance in the Italian corporate world. Formal and elegant clothing will take you far.
  • Titles: Italians are attached to titles, address people with their appropriate title followed by the surname. “Engineer” for an engineer and “Architect” for an architect, but also “Doctor” for people with a university degree,

Now we are ready to see some practical examples of the business Italian language.

Our top business essential phrases in Italian

Here you will find the most common phrases for work divided by occasions of use.


Egregio Prof. Gianpaoletti, Dear Prof. Gianpaoletti, Very formal, the recipient has a title that must be mentioned in front of the name

Gentile Mario, Dear Mario, formal, most common form. If “Gentile” is followed by the surname, it is even more formal, indicating greater distance from the recipient

A chi di competenza, To whom it may concern, Formal, name and gender of the / recipients(s) unknown

La contatto per quanto riguarda.. We are writing in connection with… Formal, when speaking on behalf of the whole company

La contatto per conto di….I am writing to you on behalf of…formal 

Siamo interessati a… e vorremo sapere…We are interested in … and we would like to know …To request information, formal and direct

Rimango a disposizione per ulteriori informazioni e chiarimenti. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me. Formal, polite.

Spero vivamente sia possibile pensare ad una prossima collaborazione.I look forward to the possibility of working together. Formal, polite.

Cordiali saluti, Kind/Best regards, formal, most common

at the phone

Buongiorno, sono la segretaria dell’avvocato Bianchi. Hello, I am the secretary of the lawyer Bianchi. Initiate the call

Scusi, è l’ufficio commerciale?/ Posso parlare con l’avvocato Bianchi ? Excuse me, is this the sales office? / Can I speak with the lawyer Bianchi? To ask to speak to someone

Sì. / Sì, è proprio così. Yes. / Yes, that’s right/ Esatto, sono io. / Exactly, it’s me. / Sì, mi dica. . / Yes tell me. specify or affirm

Ha sbagliato numero.  You’ve got the wrong number.


Vorrei fissare un appuntamento con il Sig. Giustinelli. Quando è disponibile? I would like an appointment with Mr Smith please.

Vorrei chiederLe se è possibile spostare l’appuntamento. I wonder whether we can postpone our meeting?


Vorrei prenotare… Ci sono ancora dei posti liberi per…I wish to book, Do you have any vacancies on…

Job titles

Amministratore delegato Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Responsabile marketing Marketing director

Responsabile vendite Sales manager

Responsabile del servizio clienti  Customer Service Manager

Responsabile risorse umane Human Resources Manager


la riunione meeting
l’agenda agenda
la presentazione presentation

il verbale report

la tassa tax

lo stipendio salary
l’accordo agreement

gli affari (business in the general sense

l’azienda/l’impresa company

l’impiego/il lavoro occupation
il negozio shop/store

il/la cliente client

il pranzo di lavoro working lunch

il biglietto da visita business card

i contatti contacts


Now you are ready to start using business Italian language! To become more confident and learn all the tricks of the business Italian, choose our Italian language course for trading and enterprises