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International Women’s Day in Italy

International Women’s Day in Italy

Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day, also called somewhat improperly the “Women’s Day”. Around all the urban legends about his birth, we can clearly see an important meaning: the desire to grant women rights and equal opportunities, removing them from the fear of prevarication and the shadow of sexism that exists even in the most progressive contexts.

In Italy this day is experienced as a moment of joy and reflection, so much so that it is talked about a lot in newspapers, on radio and on TV, but also on the street and among the people, throughout the day. We wish to women a loto of love (who often celebrate with each other) and give them special flowers: mimosas.

Why exactly mimosas? After the Second World War we lived in severe economic hardship, but there was no reason to give up giving a beautiful flower to women on this day. The mimosas seemed perfect: there were plenty of them, cheap, scented and above all worthy of an important story: the partisans, in fact, used to give mimosas to the relays during the Resistance. This beautiful tradition has therefore remained until today and only in Italy.

Mimosa – Pablo Neruda

“Andavo a San Jeronimo

verso il porto

quasi addormentato

quando dall’inverno

una montagna

di luce gialla,

una torre fiorita

spuntò sulla strada e tutto

si riempì di profumo.

Era una mimosa”.



“I used to go to San Jeronimo

towards the port

almost asleep

when from winter

a mountain

of yellow light,

a flowery tower

popped up on the street and all

filled with perfume.

It was a mimosa ”.

Greetings to all women, mountains of this world and light of the arid winters.