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Learning the Italian language online: how to study effectively at home

how to study effectively at home

Learning the Italian language online: how to study effectively at home

How to study Italian language online and how to study effectively at home?

The coronavirus alert invites you to stay in not only in Italy but also abroad.

We are living a singular period in our history and experiencing a routine that we have probably never tried before.

It is important to keep in mind that even if isolated in our homes, we are all part of a global community and have different tools to keep us connected and active.

Together with ELLCI teachers and students, we have put together suggestions on how to study effectively at home to make this moment as positive as possible through the constant commitment of positive objectives for the future.

Here’s how to make engagement productive and minimize distractions.

Our 10 tips on how to study effectively at home

  1. Keep a diary
    Keep a diary
    Staying at home involves living the same scenario day after day. Keeping a diary is the first step in organizing your days, planning goals and establishing a roadmap to follow in order to evaluate your progress. 
  2. Establish timetables
    Organize the study at home according to scheduled times so you can concentrate better and warn those who live with you not to disturb you in those moments. You can also set a timer with your favourite song (why not a We are the champions) to create a ritual that unequivocally marks the end of the study day. Finally, put the desk in order, update the agenda for the next day, and give yourself the well-deserved relaxation. 
  3. Set your goals
    Whether they are set by the teacher, or by yourself, set goals and create a schedule to follow for the week. Set achievable goals and update your plans every week. 
  4. Find a study buddy
    study buddy
    Even if you prefer individual study, having a study partner is a valuable aid for comparing study methodologies and linguistic doubts. If you are not attending an
    online Italian group course, you can also ask a friend with a different study commitment. A study buddy is a person with whom to exchange ideas, goals, but also some simple chat every now and then.
  5. Separate the study spaces from the recreational ones
    We already know that for better rest, we should leave all electronic devices outside of our bedroom. This is not always possible, ex-pat life from or simply big city life involves small spaces.
    Sometimes we find ourselves sharing spaces with roommates and members of our family who have different rhythms and needs. it is important, however, to mark a space as a productive place, therefore stay away from the couch… 
  6. Organize the space
    However small, even if we only have a corner of the kitchen table or a beautifully equipped desk, we can organize the study space so that our brain recognizes that environment like the one dedicated to productivity. Let’s keep it tidy and clean, we can also add post-it notes for the most urgent messages, such as online Italian lesson times and concepts to review.
  7. Start the day with the review
    When you approach the study, don’t be in a hurry to get multiple concepts in the shortest time. The best way to build solid linguistic foundations is to start by reviewing the last things learned. Only then can you add bricks to your knowledge.
  8. Heals the spirit and the body
    heal the spirit
    Keep healthy snacks such as fresh or dried fruit on hand, which contains phosphorus to improve concentration and zinc which helps memory. Also, remember to drink regularly. A good excuse to go stretching your legs in the kitchen. 
  9. Take a break
    A fresh mind is more productive. Schedule breaks to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Remember that, especially if you are studying Italian online at the computer, you have to take your eyes off the screen every 20 minutes and look at a distant object for at least 20 seconds (other useful exercises to protect the eyes here) 
  10. How much to study
    Plan your day by giving yourself at least 2 hours of study. If you have no other commitments and want to make rapid progress, you can even get 6- 8 hours spread throughout the day, but don’t overdo it!

Now you have everything you need to start your online Italian study! If you still have questions or want to share your personal advice on how to organize the study at home, write to us on our Instagram or Facebook channel.