January in Milan: city sightseeing, guided tours and exhibitions

January in Milan: guided tours and exhibitions


January in Milan: guided tours and exhibitions

Here is the cultural program of ELLCI guided tours in January, enjoy!

Marino Tiziano "Sacred conversation 1520"








11.01.2018- Marino Tiziano “Sacred conversation 1520”

Palazzo Marino, Piazza della Scala

Visit to the palace full of art and history, institutional headquarters of Milan City Council, that hosts Tiziano’s “Sacred Conversation 1520”. The majestic altarpiece ‘Sacra Conversazione 1520 (Pala Gozzi)’ is the first known and dated painting by Tiziano.

Painted in 1520 by the then thirty-year-old painter for the Dubrovnik merchant Luigi Gozzi, and destined for the church of San Francesco in Alto in Ancona, the work belongs to the iconographic genre of the altarpiece called ‘Sacra Conversazione’. The Madonna with the Child suddenly appears in a sky of clouds in vibrant movement, inflamed by the magical light of the sunset; below, the vision of St. Francis, who the church was dedicated to, and St. Biagio protector of the Dalmatian city, indicating to the kneeling client the celestial apparition.The artwork comes from the Civic Art Gallery ‘Francesco Podesti’ of Ancona and can be visited at Palazzo Marino from December 5th to January 14th 2018.

Maria Callas on stage








16.01.2018 – Maria Callas on stage: the La Scala years
La Scala Theater Museum

Maria Callas in scena – Gli anni alla Scala (Maria Callas on Stage – the La Scala Years) runs from 15 September to 31 January at La Scala’s museum, which is housed in the same building as the theatre.

The Italian theatre designer, Margherita Palli, has overseen the exhibition which contains 14 of La Divina’s costumes, the necklace and earrings worn during the first act of Visconti’s production of La traviata, some of Lila de Nobili’s designs for the same production, and a reconstruction of the lost first act costume.

una donna sdraiata a terra morta con in mano una cornetta telefonica rossa e affiancara da un quadro di un leoncino

25.01.2018 – Galleria Carla Sozzani
Corso Como

The Carla Sozzani Gallery opens in Milan in 1990. Located on the first floor inside a courtyard of a former industrial building typical of Milanese architecture, it is dedicated to photography, art, design and architecture.

current exhibitions:
Marina Faust The Archive, Paolo Roversi Incontri, Anticàmera 2017