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Studying Italian in Milan: Assel’s story

study italian Milan

Studying Italian in Milan: Assel’s story


Studying Italian in Milan and experiencing full immersion in the language? There is only one place where you can do it, and that is ELLCI! Even Assel, a young professional, has no doubts about it: in ELLCI she tried the Italian online courses and the standard course of 20 lessons per week, and today she is one step away from her goal. Now she has reached the most advanced level, so much so that she also master Italian hand gestures!

Not only a personal but also a professional goal: Assel’s passion for Italy was born precisely in the working context.

Follow Assel’s advice to study Italian in Milan and discover Italy.


Our chat with Assel

study italian Milan

Hi Assel, tell us something about yourself …

I come from Kazakhstan, I am 24 years old and for now, I study the Italian language.


How long have you lived in Milan and how are you?

I have been living in Milan for a year and I like it very much. The city is very suitable for foreigners and much more modern than other cities in Italy.


Why did you choose Italy?

I worked for a company that provides services for ENI. There I met an Italian friend who offered me to visit the country and learn the language, culture, etc.

Thanks to the internet I found this school where I feel great, the teachers are very good, I can only thank them. In general, I am keen to learn languages, so I thought it wouldn’t have been difficult to study a new one. Italian is a very beautiful, melodic language, it sounds great.


When did you start studying Italian and how?

I started studying Italian during quarantine, in April 2020, then I finished in July. I had private lessons with a Russian teacher, who instructed me very well. When I arrived in Italy, I already had level A2, so I didn’t have much difficulty getting used to the course.


How your life in Milan has changed

I wouldn’t say it has changed much, but I definitely started drinking a lot more coffee and gesturing, as Italians do.


Do you have any plans for the future? Will you stay in Milan?

Yes, I would like to stay here and find a job.


One thing you like about living in Italy and one thing you don’t like.

I really like the country in general, also nature, art, and culture. Unfortunately, the thing I don’t like is the bureaucracy.


Something you recommend everyone to do in Milan?

First, inquire about the history, then go and visit the most important places in the city. And try risotto alla milanese, my favourite Italian dish. 


What’s the most useful thing you have done to learn Italian?

I have listened to music, I have seen videos, films in Italian, I have read books (especially the simple detective stories) but luckily I have an Italian friend with whom I always speak and practice.


And finally, What would you recommend to those who are starting to study Italian and dream of living in Italy?

Don’t be afraid, it won’t be easy, but you must be really committed to it. And to have patience, in Italy, it is really necessary…