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Studying Italian in Milan: Lena’s story

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Studying Italian in Milan: Lena’s story

Lena is a French lady. Her pleasantness has overwhelmed ELLCI, who has known her for some time now. For some years she has been dividing herself between Milan and Paris and always comes to visit us to perfect her Italian and have fun with us. She loves the trips to Milan with our guide Emanuela and the theater workshops that were done before the pandemic (and which will be back soon). She enjoys cooking, traveling and studying Italian!

Our chat with Lena

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Talk a little about yourself: where do you come from, how old are you and what do you do at the moment?

My name is Léna, I am French, I am 53 years old and I am unemployed.

How long have you lived in Milan and how are you?

I have been living in Milan for 5 years, the city is full of small secret corners, each neighborhood has its own charm.

Why are you in Milan?

My husband took a job in Milan. At first I was commuting between Milan and Paris. I accompanied him 6 times a year. Then I finally decided to move, to rent a permanent apartment and to live above all in Milan.

When did you start studying Italian, how and why?

After my husband accepted his job in Milan I started Italian language courses, first in Paris and then every time I arrived in Milan I signed up for a short course in ELLCI. At first I had no basic knowledge and I discovered that Italians speak fast! From my first lessons at school, I learned how to introduce myself and how to do shopping at the supermarket. Now I am in the C1 level! The method is accessible to everyone and to people of all ages. I am learning Italian in order to interact with collaborators, be independent and discover the different Italian places with their rich stories.

What documents are needed to live and study in Italy?

Being French from the European community and accompanying my husband, I had no documents to fill out.

One thing you like about living in Italy.

I like the Italian dolce vita, the happiness of Italians, the delicious food.

Something you don’t like?

What would you recommend to those who are starting to study Italian and dream of living in Italy?

If you want to come to Italy, I recommend that you learn with passion and commitment this magnificent musical language!