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Studying Italian in Milan: Simba’s story

study italian Milan

Studying Italian in Milan: Simba’s story


Studying Italian in Milan and reaching a fluent level: a goal achieved for Simba together with ELLCI!

What do you need to learn Italian? The desire to learn is the fuse that ignites

the path, positive and motivating teachers, a method that works and a comfortable school complete the magic!

Simba can certainly confirm this: despite his work commitments, he has been travelling from Kenya to Italy for two years and attending the ELLCI Standard 20 Italian course. In this way, he is ever closer to his goal of mastering the Italian language.


Our chat with Simba

study italian Milan

  • Hello Simba, tell us a little about yourself …

My name is Simba Harold Chirene, I am 28 years old and I am from Kenya. I’m a chef.
I have been in Milan since July and I am very happy.

  • Why did you choose Italy?

I chose Italy because I have a lot of interest in the study of the Italian language and culture. I decided to study Italian and found the right course for me on the internet.

  • When did you start studying Italian and how?

I decided to study Italian because learning Italian fluently will help me a lot with my work. In Kenya, I work a lot with Italian tourists.

I started studying Italian when I started my job in a restaurant with many Italian customers.

  • How your life in Milan has changed

When I arrived in Milan my level was intermediate – corresponding to B1. I had some difficulties with reading and grammar.

There are many things to discover in Milan that inspire me a lot.

  • Do you have any plans for the future?

I would like to stop and work in Milan.

  • One thing you like about living in Italy and one thing you don’t like?

I like working in Italy, but I don’t like pollution.

  • Something you recommend everyone to do in Milan?

I recommend going to see the Navigli and the Duomo. And to taste the pasta allo scoglio!

  • Finally, what would you recommend to those who are starting to study Italian and dream of living in Italy?

You can learn to speak Italian well by making an effort to practice. It is very useful to make friends with different people and to read books in Italian.