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Things to do in Milan during the Spring

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Things to do in Milan during the Spring

Spending spring in Milan is always a good idea! Milan from March to June is the ideal destination to avoid the heat and crowds of summer tourists. Walking in the parks, enjoying a cold coffee on a bar terrace and sipping the first aperitifs in the sun are pleasures to try in life.

In March the city rediscovers the open spaces and festivals, the city is filled with free events to take part in and the sun sets around 8.00 pm. In short, there are plenty of opportunities to linger outdoors. Let’s discover together the top things to do in Milan.

Springtime: top 3 things to do in Milan


Barefoot in the Park

Parks of Milan


After long months of Netflix marathons under the blanket, in March we can’t wait to get some light and fresh air.
In Milan there is no shortage of parks and green areas of all kinds, to go for walks, get in shape by running or simply lay in the sun. The most famous is the Sempione Park, the green lung of Milan accessible from the Castello Sforzesco which in summer hosts various events and concerts. The Porta Venezia Gardens are our favourites, ideal for a lunch break a stone’s throw from ELLCI premises.

In the city centre, there are the historic and fascinating gardens of palaces and private residences, such as the well-kept Villa Litta Park with its library and the Guastalla Gardens.

We recommend a visit to Villa Invernizzi to see the famous flamingos imported from Africa and Chile in 1970 by Cavaliere Invernizzi, the famous king of cheeses who bequeathed the villa and his pink tenants to the Invernizzi Foundation for research.

More peripheral but also wilder, there are the Boscoincittà and the Parco delle Cave which, due to their size, allow you to carry out many activities.


Happy hour on the terrace

Happy hour outside


Finally, the aperitif moves outside where you can enjoy the golden hour to relax and take the best selfies. For an exclusive experience, we recommend an aperitif at Torre Branca in Viale Luigi Camoens 2, which from March to April opens its highest panoramic terrace for an aperitif with a guided tour.

The terrace, almost 100 meters high, allows you to admire the skyline of Milan from a unique perspective on Castello Sforzesco, the monuments of the historic centre, the new neighbourhoods and, on clear days, up to the peaks of the Alps and Prealps orobiche.


Free festivals

Milan festival


Events and festivals for all tastes. The festival season inaugurates with MuseoCity from March 3rd  to March 5, an event involving over 70 art museums, museum houses, scientific museums and artist’s ateliers in Milan, transforming the city into a large museum with widespread openings, exhibitions, workshops and special initiatives.

For lovers of innovation and beyond, the Milan Digital Week takes place from 11 to 15 March. Four days dedicated to the production of knowledge and innovation through digital. Meetings, workshops and debates, but also events, DJ sets and concerts in more than 500 events spread throughout the city.


Finally, do not miss the FAI Spring Days, this year from Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 March.

Since 1993, FAI Spring Days have been a national event dedicated to the rediscovery of the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the Bel Paese, organized by the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environment Fund).

FAI managers accompany visitors to discover the local beauties, places often inaccessible and exceptionally open to visitors. During these days in Milan, you can visit Palazzo Belgioioso, Palazzo della Borsa, the lounge of the Central Station and many other wonders.


In short, Spring in Milan blooms with events and colours in every corner. Even a simple walk through the city streets offers unforgettable emotions. From the City Life park to the Church of Sant’Eustorgio, up to the central Duomo, you can admire the blooming of the magnolias, of various bright and beautiful colours, located almost everywhere in the city.

In Bicocca, a neighbourhood north of Milan, there is even a pinch of Japan: the Cherry Hill, where, between March and April, almost a thousand cherry trees bloom giving a pink-coloured spectacle of nature. Don’t miss it, book your trip to Italy today!


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