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The power of vintage shopping in Milan

The power of vintage shopping in Milan

The power of vintage shopping in Milan

 Our 5 best vintage shops

Living in Milan also means dealing with fashion. But this does not mean that all natives follow the same. One of the wonderful things about this city is exactly that everyone can feel free to dress and dress up as they see fit, according to their own tastes and inner world. Expressing oneself also means having a personal way of dressing, often unique, and no one is judged for this reason. However, among the fashions that are very popular, vintage is certainly riding the wave. Of course also for green issues: putting used clothes back into circulation, still beautiful and practicable, is the same as making an ethical and eco-sustainable choice, which is of interest to everyone, including animals and the environment!

But what does vintage mean? Let’s start first from the etymology: it is a word that comes from the old French vendenge, harvest, and indicates precisely vintage wines of value. Later vintage began to indicate old but quality objects, considered precious for cultural reasons and then became objects of desire. A lot of things can be vintage: guitars, cars, bicycles, furniture… and of course clothes.

Today we want to introduce you to our five favorite vintage stores in Milan!



This shop is located in the heart of one of the side streets of the busiest shopping street of the metropolis, Corso Buenos Aires. It describes itself as a brand born four years ago in Milan and Brescia by vintage enthusiasts. The website is simple and clear to use, few frills and lots of clothing that can also be purchased online: – Here is the address and contacts: Via Gaspare Spontini, 12, 20129 Milan MI – Tel: 338 964 7418 – email:



This boutique is for you if you are a true lover of the vintage world! You will find yourself in a space with the appearance of a precious Parisian living room of the mid-1900s…you will love it! Who is Madame Pauline? Of course, all the customers who set foot in this boutique are Madame Pauline!

The pieces are all carefully selected, unique and handcrafted.

Find Madame Pauline Vintage in FORO BUONAPARTE 74, 20121 MILAN. Contact her here:



 Just think, this shop is 17 years old and was born with the idea of ​​founding a music label. From musical productions, the next step was the sale of “alternative” gadgets and clothes, to land 4 years ago for the sale of quality rockabilly-style reproductions and original vintage items. Visit the store and if you are a true Pin Up, take part in Miss Hangover, this year already in its fifth edition! Hangover Vintage can be found in Viale G. D’Annunzio, 9 20123 Milan, tel: +39 02 89422046, email:



If you adore the Porta Romana neighborhood and love retro style, you can’t miss a look at this shop. It only sells period pieces, suitable for obstinate researchers and enthusiasts of clothing, accessories and furniture!

You can also find it on Facebook: – Viale Montenero 31 20135 Milan, Lombardy



With a name like that, Vintage Mania can only conclude our list of awesome shops for true maniacs. It is one of the historic boutiques in the sector, today it has become a leading company and a reference point at an Italian and international level, a supplier also for big names. You can buy online or visit the headquarters in Milan and also in Modena! Here is the address for the Milanese store: Via Fratelli Bronzetti 11, email:

Let us know which is your favorite shop!