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The best 5 Songs to learn Italian

songs to learn italian

The best 5 Songs to learn Italian


Italian songs to learn Italian are our favourite way to learn the language. We love Italian music and songs to learn Italian. They help you improve your language skills in a fun way and introduce you to some elements of Italian culture.
Listening to songs exposes you to all sorts of grammatical structures like verbs and conjugations, and these are much easier to memorize with a melody attached. We have selected the most popular and current Italian songs that will help you master the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the Italian language appropriate to the context.

How to enrich your vocabulary by listening to Italian Songs


songs to learn italian

Siamo Qui. Vasco Rossi

Vasco Rossi, also known as Blasco, is one of the most loved Italian songwriters.
This text is full of verbs in the present tense, therefore also suitable for elementary levels. Although it has a simple text, it deals with themes of psychoanalytic inspiration, and invites reflection on the life of man and the meaning of existence.


Qualcosa di me che non ti aspetti. Carmen Consoli

In the text of this song with sixties arpeggios and atmospheres, you can identify the  zero conditional (Se conosci il freddo, Puoi apprezzare il calore che alberga in un gesto/ If you know the cold, You can appreciate the warmth that is housed in a gesture).

Listening to Carmen Consoli you can notice and familiarize yourself with the Sicilian accent, in some songs she even uses the dialect. This is not the case with this song, which is actually pretty understandable for the lexicon and simple tenses used.


Blu Celeste. Blanco

 Blanco, pseudonym of Riccardo Fabbriconi, is an 18-year-old Italian singer-songwriter.
Blu Celeste is a very intense and profound piece, speaking of the personal elaboration of a bereavement. It has many verbs in the present and some future, ideal to get familiar with this tense.



Pastello bianco. Pinguini tattici nucleari 

I Pinguini Tattici Nucleari are an Italian musical group that became famous in 2020 when they ranked third at the 70th Sanremo Festival.
Pastello bianco is a bare, simple ballad, without too many frills, with a classic and orchestral sound. You can improve your oral understanding of the present, the simple future and feel the difference between the present perfect (mi hai insegnato/you taught me”) and the imperfect (“scrivevo/I wrote”).


Cambia Uomo. Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni is an Italian singer, the first Italian artist to have won the Best European Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards, in 2010 and 2015.
Cambio Uomo is an intense song, an invitation to accept yourself, forgive yourself, welcome changes, face fears and listen to yourself. Train yourself to find verbs in the present tense, there is also some subjunctive (scivolassero/would slip, fosse/were) and conditional (soffrirei/I would suffer, cambierei/I would change)

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