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6 Beautiful Italian songs to learn Italian 


6 Beautiful Italian songs to learn Italian 


The Sanremo Italian music festival is over for a few weeks, but its effects on the world rankings are not over yet. Let’s find out the latest best songs to learn Italian.


But first, what is the Sanremo festival?

teatro ariston sanremo

The Italian Song Festival was created in 1951. A few years after the end of the Second World War, the city of the Ligurian Riviera Sanremo was still under reconstruction.

The unification of Italy is still quite recent, almost a century of territorial unification was not enough to spread the Italian language widely and so most Italians still use the dialect.


The general climate pushes towards a return to normality and there is a desire for lightness. The director of the Sanremo Casino, Pier Bussetti, and Giulio Razzi from Rai, decide to create an Italian Song Festival. In 1976 it moved from the Casino Theater to the Ariston Theater, where it is still celebrated today.


Over the years, the Sanremo festival has become a reference point for the Italian music industry. Almost all the Italian artists have participated in one or more editions and many young singers have started their careers thanks to the festival.


The first years it was broadcast on radio until it landed on television in 1955. The songs could thus reach all Italians in Italy who gather in bars or courtyards to attend the Sanremo festival.


As the Italians of the 1950s, anyone today can take advantage of the songs of Sanremo to learn the Italian language.


6 hit songs to learn Italian 

Brividi – Mahmood e Blanco

Chimica – Ditonellapiaga e Rettore

Dove si balla – Dargen D’amico

O forse sei tu – Elisa

Ciao Ciao – La Rappresentante di Lista 

Apri tutte le porte – Gianni Morandi