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How to improve your Italian?

improve your italian

How to improve your Italian?


How to improve Italian is the main goal for those who already have a basic understanding and know how to make themselves understood in everyday situations.

Practicing, reading and listening are the activities capable of expanding the vocabulary we know and can use.

Having a rich vocabulary available, recognizing and knowing how to use the typical expressions of Italian, improves the construction of sentences and the fluidity of spoken speech.


Listening to authentic material is a very effective way to increase exposure to Italian, increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.


Best listening activities to improve your Italian! 

Italian listening activities


At ELLCI we love to learn by doing the things we like. To promote the effectiveness of listening, we choose materials that deal with topics of our interest. If you’re not a grammar fanatic, choose podcasts that cover a variety of topics. There are so many, dealing with the most varied topics.

If you listen to something that covers topics that interest you in Italian, you learn twice.



How you listen is crucial. Dedicate yourself only to this activity, avoid multitasking. Doing several things at the same time leads you to get distracted and not take full advantage of the benefits of listening.

Take your time, take some minutes only for this activity. Sit comfortably and if it works for you, make a few written notes.

Five minutes of active listening is far more profitable than 50 minutes of passive listening.



Consistency is your first ally! To improve your Italian, listen to material in the original language every day, even if only for 5-10 minutes.

Explore Italian digital radios, podcast services and Italian music. Associate a theme with an activity that you always carry out. 

For example, listen to the news on the radio as you move. Turn on your favourite playlist while having breakfast. You will realize that these activities will become automatic and effortlessly part of your routine.



Listening to native speakers’ pronunciation is the best way to learn to speak naturally.

Listen to the pronunciation and repeat it aloud. You will soon have incredible improvements.

Imitate your favourite Italian actors, sing foreign songs while listening to them. Initially, you will have some difficulties, but it will be a lot of fun and you will learn without realizing it.


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