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Studying Italian in Milan: Mark’s story

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Studying Italian in Milan: Mark’s story

An Italian course to reach an advanced level and improve your experience in Italy. For Mark, this is the experience with ELLCI thanks to which in a few months he has acquired the confidence and fluidity he desired! Discover his story and his tips for investing in yourself.


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Our chat with Mark

study Italian Milan


  • Tell us something about yourself …

I come from Hungary, I am 36 years old and I am currently looking for a job.


  • How long have you lived in Milan and how are you?

I have been here since the end of May 2021 and I feel good.


  • Why did you choose Italy?

I came to Italy because my girlfriend was offered a job at a multinational in Milan.


  • When did you start studying Italian and how?

I started studying in June 2021 with a 4-month online course. In November I started the standard 20 course in the morning at the intermediate level.

In three months I have completed the B1 level.


  • How has your life changed since you moved to Milan?

I can live my daily life to a much higher standard in this positive atmosphere.

I like the mentality of the people. But I don’t like bureaucracy, it works badly. However, I recommend not to worry too much.


  • Do you have any plans for the future? Will you stay in Milan?

If all goes well and I can find a job here, I would be happy to stay for the long haul.


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