Our Students – Ian, Aidan & Yuzo

  Schermata 2015-03-13 alle 13.41.24  Ian – 19 years – Sweden

Schermata 2015-03-13 alle 13.43.52  Aidan – 18 years – USA

Schermata 2015-03-13 alle 13.44.36  Yuzo – 26 years – Japan

Why have you chosen to study Italian?

Ian: “I have always been very passionate about the Italian culture, football, food, music, etc. I view learning Italian language as an optimum key to approaching the Italian culture.”

Aidan: “I came to Milan to work as an au pair for my gap year. When I first got here, the children only spoke Italian, so I started taking courses, so it’s easier to communicate with them and people around me.”

Yuzo: “I want to study South Italian Fashion Culture and I have an interview with a craftsman of this industry, so now I’m studying Italian language.

Why have you chosen ELLCI as your Italian language school?

Ian: “I have chosen ELLCI, because I felt that you could come here without any previous Italian knowledge and you can just can join the beginners course. The set up of the class would be suited for that kind of learning. Since I didn’t know Italian before, this was a very good set up for me.”

Aidan: “My host mum has found the school for me. She has lived in Milan for whole her life and she has asked her friends and everybody said that ELLCI was the best choice. Since coming here it was an intense immersion. Going to class every single day I rapidly learnt way much more than I would have learned on my own.”

How are the courses and the teachers?

Yuzo: “I often have some questions and my teacher Alessandra is very good and kind in teaching Italian in Italian or English.”

Ian adds: “ It’s good that the teachers teach in Italian language as far as it’s possible. And only if it’s necessary the teachers would explain it in English. You really get used to hearing Italian language all the time and you are always encouraged to speak in Italian, even though you get it wrong.”

“It also helps when the teachers bring up different elements to the learning environment, like listening to the music, so you get the influence of the language in many different channels.”

“Through the course you get to explore different parts of Milan, as the school organises excursions and you also get to meet other students of the school.”

Aidan: “I always felt like a typical American stereotype, as I didn’t really know any foreign language. I was super nervous in gaining fluency in a foreign language. At ELLCI it was a totally different language learning experience, than I had before. It’s so engaging and I felt a really good and positive reinforcement, even when it’s challenging.”

“The course definitely made my life easier within a month. When the kids are speaking, I pretty much know what they want and it’s very helpful. I have developed an ear for a language.”

“I was worried about meeting other people my age, but at school I was able to make friends from all around the world.”

How has your experience of living in Italy been so far?

Yuzo: “I like the fashion culture, climate and especially for me the Italian food is very good.”

Ian: “I love it here in Italy. You can have a really good quality food for a little money. Also I love that you can easily travel around Italy. The train tickets are cheap, so even though you live in Milan, you still have the whole Italy to explore.”

Aidan: “I definitely felt the same way. This is my first time in Europe. I found Italians to be very welcoming. Italy has a very specific way in enjoying life, that I’ve really had enjoyed experiencing. Wine and food.. and Milan is amazing!




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